From: The Honorable John K. Delaney
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Date: 2/29/2016

Allow service-connected disabled veterans to qualify earlier for FMLA: Become an original sponsor of the Medical Leave for Disabled Veterans Act

Endorsed by: Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, American Legion, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association, Military Veterans Advocacy

Dear Colleague,

Members of the U.S. Armed Forces sacrifice so much to serve and protect our country. When those brave men and women leave the military and come home, many return with service-connected disabilities that require medical care and attention. Congress should be making it easier for them to seek medical care for their disabilities while pursuing a career outside of the armed services.

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) has helped countless Americans seek treatment for medical issues, care for the birth of a child, and care for a family member who has a serious health condition with the comfort in knowing their job is protected. But we shouldn’t expect veterans who return with injuries to wait a whole year before seeking medical attention. Veterans deserve flexibility to receive leave for medical care to tend to their injuries sustained while serving our country.

That is why we will be introducing the Medical Leave for Disabled Veterans Act to alter the criteria for eligible veterans to qualify for FMLA to seek medical treatment for their service-connected disabilities. FMLA is job protected, unpaid leave applied to covered employers.  Covered employers include public agencies and private sector employers who have 50 or more employees. Based on current U.S. law, eligible employees can use FMLA only after they have been with their current qualified employer for 12 months (1250 hours). Our bill will allow veterans who have a disability rating of 30%-50% to qualify for FMLA after 8 months (833 hours) of employment. Those with a disability rating of over 50% will be able to take job protected leave after 6 months (625 hours).

Let us make it easier for veterans to treat their service-connected disabilities while readjusting to civilian life.

If you would like to be an original sponsor of the bill or have any questions, please contact Samantha Price at 5-2721 (Delaney) or Nick Czajka at 5-5614 or (Gibson).


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