From: The Honorable Mike Pompeo
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Bill: H.R. 4270
Date: 12/21/2015

Dear Colleague:
This summer, Congress was faced with the expiration of the PATRIOT Act, and along with it, several programs that our intelligence warriors rely on to keep our constituents safe.  Members were confronted with two bad choices:  allow these important programs to expire, or vote for the USA FREEDOM Act, which significantly altered the Intelligence Community’s metadata collection system.  As the Paris and San Bernadino attacks have made clear, America still needs a serious, effective, and robust intelligence posture to face down the increased risk from Jihadi terrorists and the many other threats the intelligence community deals with on a daily basis. H.R. 4270, The Liberty Through Strength Act II, would do just that.
This legislation will close major gaps in our intelligence collection and ensure that our Intelligence Community has the tools to keep us safe.  It does this by making permanent congressional authorizations for counterterrorism tools that are vital to tracking and stopping attacks on Americans – all while protecting the civil liberties that all of us hold dear.  
My recent National Review op-ed talks about the need to use every legal tool available to fight terrorists.  We cannot afford to lose ground against terrorists as our intelligence tools become weaker.

As former Director of both the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and National Security Agency (NSA) General Hayden asserted with other officials in a recent letter, “Given the deficiencies of the USA FREEDOM Act, refusing to make these modifications [with the Liberty Through Strength Act II] would undermine our government’s ability to keep Americans safe in an increasingly dangerous threat environment.”

The Liberty Through Strength Act II would restore our intelligence collection tools by:

  • Requiring the federal government to hold on to the legacy 215 metadata for five years and authorize its use for queries.
  • Making permanent the USA PATRIOT Act’s “Roving Wiretap” provisions.
  • Making permanent the Intelligence Reform and Terrorist Prevention Act (IRTPA) “Lone Wolf” provisions.
  • Making Title VII of FISA permanent.
  • Clarifying the FBI’s authority to obtain electronic communications transactional records (ECTR) under Title 18 of the US Criminal Code.
Please consider joining us in keeping America safe by co-sponsoring H.R. 4270.  This is a companion bill to Senator Cotton’s S.2344, cosponsored by Senators including Burr, Cornyn, Ernst, McConnell, Rubio, and Sessions.  For more information or questions, please contact my staff: Blake Hollander ( or Reagan Thompson (
Mike Pompeo