From: The Honorable Steve Israel
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Bill: H.R. 22
Date: 11/4/2015

November 4, 2015

Dear Colleague:

We strongly oppose the Royce amendment to the DRIVE bill (amendment #66).  This is nothing but a political attempt aimed at derailing the Ex-Im Bank, plain and simple.

The Foreign Assistance Act already prohibits the Bank from providing financing to state sponsors of terrorism, and, in fact, the Bank has never extended financing for any transaction involving a country designated as a state sponsor of terrorism. The Bank will not do business with Iran, Syria, or other state sponsors of terrorism.

Various appropriations bills additionally prohibit the use of appropriated funds to directly finance any assistance or reparations to state sponsors of terrorism – without a Presidential waiver.  This prohibition explicitly includes Ex-Im Bank financing.

In sum, this amendment is redundant to current law, does nothing to strengthen the U.S. position vis-à-vis state sponsors of terrorism, and is an effort to undermine the overall Export Import Bank’s Reauthorization in the Highway Transportation conference negotiations.  Any changes to the underlying bill open the Export Import Bank’s Reauthorization provisions to conference negotiations, which will negatively affect the progress we have made to date.

We urge you to vote no.

Nita M. Lowey               Steve Israel                             Ted Deutch

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