From: The Committee on Foreign Affairs
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Bill: H.R. 22
Date: 11/4/2015

Dear Colleague:

Later this evening, the House is scheduled to consider an amendment I am offering to H.R. 22.

My straight forward amendment would prohibit Ex-Im Bank from doing business with state sponsors of terrorism.  Ex-Im supporters and opponents should agree, state sponsors of terrorism – Iran, Syria and Sudan – should not be entitled to financing from U.S. taxpayers.  This is longstanding U.S. policy.

But while Ex-Im is currently prohibited by law from doing business with state sponsors of terrorism, that restriction can be waived by the President.  As we know, the President is not shy from using any authority he possesses.

Other restrictions—such as those in appropriations bills—are not permanent.

My amendment would strengthen the existing prohibitions—and do so permanently. 

Just because the Administration provides Congress with prior knowledge of their intent to exercise a waiver does not mean that Congress agrees—as we have not only seen with Iran, but with North Korea.  We have an opportunity to exercise our legislative prerogatives with respect to state-sponsors of terrorism.

Opposition to this amendment sends the wrong message: that the Congress is not serious about addressing the threats posed by state-sponsors of terrorism. At a time when Iran is propping up the murderous Assad regime in Syria and using its terrorist proxies to threaten Israel and others, that’s a dangerous message.

I hope you will join me to support the amendment.