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Brian Higgins

From: The Honorable Brian Higgins
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Bill: H.R. 2169
Date: 11/30/2015

Maintain Social Security Services for Your Constituents

Supported by: AFGE

Current Cosponsors: Cohen, Conyers, Deutch, Dingell, Farr, Fudge, Garamendi, Graham, Honda, Kilmer, Lipinski, McCollum, McGovern, Murphy, Pocan, Serrano, Slaughter

Dear Colleague,

Over the past five years, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has consolidated or closed dozens of field offices without providing local communities or Congress sufficient notification or justification.   Consequently, communities already suffering from long waits and backlogs are now left with little or no access to services.

As your district caseworkers can attest, SSA field offices are consistently understaffed and overworked.  Current hearing backlogs, wait times, and the lack of a fair, uniform process for closing geographically vital field offices demonstrates that the need of our nation’s seniors, veterans, and disabled citizens are not being met.

I invite you to cosponsor, H.R. 2169, the Social Security Administration Accountability Act. This legislation would give Congress the tools to evaluate and improve SSA offices’ effectiveness in serving our citizens by:

  • Requiring the SSA to submit to Congress an annual report with yearly statistics for each hearing office including the number of cases pending, the rate at which case backlogs are increasing or decreasing, the average length of time it takes for claims to be processed, and staffing levels;
  • Prohibiting the SSA from closing or limiting hours at field offices until 6 months after providing to Congress an in depth analysis and justification for doing so; and
  • Requiring the SSA to hold public hearings in the impacted community.

These simple administrative changes will help Congress ensure citizens can access the benefits they earned and deserve. We have a commitment to guarantee these benefits, and the Social Security Administration Accountability Act will better equip us with the tools to recognize this pledge.

To become a cosponsor or for more information please contact Leslie Brady in my office at 5-3306 or


Brian Higgins

Member of Congress