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Edward Markey

From: The Honorable Rod Blum
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Date: 10/30/2015

Dear Colleague:

We ask you consider signing onto this letter, included below, which requests Speaker Ryan to work toward a long term or permanent extension of tax extenders.

Our constituents, both individuals and businesses, need long term certainty as we here in Congress continue to discuss and debate comprehensive tax reform.  We would like to see this issue addressed soon as the deadline for the current tax year is approaching.

For more information or to sign on, please contact Peter Mihalick ( in Mr. Blum’s office or Wendell Frank White Jr. ( in Mr. Aguilar’s office.

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Rod Blum                               Pete Aguilar

Member of Congress             Member of Congress



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Dear Speaker Ryan:

As Congress continues to work towards a comprehensive overhaul of the federal tax system, we respectfully request you work towards a multiyear or permanent extension of the expired and expiring tax and expensing provisions, more commonly known as “extenders.”  These extenders are critically important to supporting jobs and the U.S. economy to provide essential certainty to individuals and commercial taxpayers.

Unfortunately, the Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014 only provided retroactive extensions of the extenders for the 2014 tax year.  The expiration of these extenders is causing uncertainty and apprehension among businesses, investors, and individuals looking for assurance for the 2015 tax year and beyond.  This unpredictable tax climate limits capital investments and prevents the creation of new jobs at a time when encouraging both is vitally important.  Our recovery from the latest recession is fragile and Congress can ill afford to not act to address important concerns about our tax environment.

At this time, the House has acted in a bipartisan manner to make several of these extenders permanent sections of the tax code.

If Congress fails to timely address these expiring provisions, it would amount to a disruptive tax increase on businesses, farms, and individuals.

We request the Congress act quickly to provide the predictability and stability necessary for economic growth and capital investment.

We ask you to bring to the floor of the House of Representatives a permanent or multiyear extension for these significant tax provisions as soon as possible.


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Rod Blum                                                                   Pete Aguilar

Member of Congress                                                   Member of Congress