Edward Markey

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Edward Markey

From: The Committee on Armed Services
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Date: 9/30/2015

Dear Colleague,

I urge you to vote yes to adopt the FY16 National Defense Authorization Act.  The legislation is our key mechanism for providing our troops who are deployed around the world in harms’ way with the authorities and funding they need to defend our nation.

Specifically, this year’s NDAA authorizes:

  • Full-funding for the President’s budget request for national security;
  • A new retirement benefit for the 83% of our troops that currently get nothing;
  • A legal prohibition against torture that includes our intelligence agencies;
  • A joint formulary to ease the transition between DOD and the VA for those being treated for sleep disorders, pain management, or mental health issues;
  • Greater protections against sexual assault;
  • A plan to combat Iran’s malign influence in the Middle East;
  • Lethal assistance to Ukraine and a plan to address Russia’s unconventional warfare methods;
  • New Cyber tools;
  • Funds Israeli Missile Defense at $320.2M above President’s request
  • New efforts to counter violence and Narco-trafficking in Central America.

While this bill does a lot, it obviously cannot solve all of the problems that we confront.   However, voting no on this bill will do nothing to raise the defense caps.  It will do nothing to provide certainty to our troops.  It will delay the tools, reforms, and policies they need to keep us all safe.   To hold our troops and the nation’s security hostage in an attempt to exert political pressure is wrong.

Vote for final passage of the FY 2016 NDAA.


Mac Thornberry
House Armed Services Committee