From: The Honorable Pete Olson
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Bill: H.R. 1388
Date: 8/31/2015

Dear colleague,

Late last year, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed a sweeping new rule to regulate ground-level ozone or “smog”. Ozone develops from a wide-range of human activity here in America, including everything from power plants to car exhaust. The US has made important strides in cutting emissions in recent years. However, many sources are beyond our control, as natural ozone and pollution from foreign sources as far away as China can dramatically impact air quality. That is part of why controlling smog is incredibly expensive and we are limited in the technologically to control it, yet under current law the EPA is not allowed to consider whether its rules are technologically achievable or affordable for communities.

EPA’s own estimate indicates that their new rule will cost billions of dollars. Even worse, EPA’s estimate may be too low, as they admit in some places most or even all of the technology that will be needed to meet this rule hasn’t been invented yet. That is why some have put the possible pricetag into the trillions of dollars.

As a result, we introduced the bipartisan and bicameral Clean Air, Strong Economies Act (HR 1388 in the House). This commonsense legislation would require EPA to consider the feasibility and costs of its rules, allow the existing standard to be implemented and require EPA to demonstrate the true benefits of this type of rule. We would welcome you as a cosponsor.

For more information, please contact Richard England ( on Rep. Olson’s staff or Madeline Barter ( on Rep. Latta’s staff.

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