From: The Honorable Paul A. Gosar
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Bill: H.R. 1612
Date: 7/30/2015

H.R.1612 -The Intermountain West Corridor Development Act of 2015
Current Sponsors/Cosponsors (11): Amodei, Franks, Gallego, Gosar, Grijalva, Hardy, Heck, Kirkpatrick, McSally Sinema, Titus
Senate Companion, S 842 (4): Flake, Heller, McCain, Reid
Endorsements: Arizona Department of Transportation, Nevada Department of Transportation

Dear Colleague:
We invite you to support the Intermountain West Corridor Development Act of 2015. This important legislation will facilitate international trade, create jobs and foster economic prosperity. Specifically, the Intermountain West Corridor Development Act of 2015 extends the future Interstate 11 (I-11) beyond the Phoenix – Las Vegas region to connect the Mexico-US shipping ports in Southern Arizona through Northern Nevada to existing interstate networks that reach the Canadian border.
The MAP-21 Surface Transportation Authorization Act officially designated an Interstate route connecting Phoenix and Las Vegas – the largest metropolitan areas in the nation that are not connected via interstate. The Intermountain region is expected to be among the fastest growing in the country, adding an additional 32 million in population by 2030.
This important legislation continues that progress and will allow for important construction and flexibility for the purposes of completing a Western north-to-south interstate corridor system that connects Canada to Mexico.
This fully integrated transportation system would be an economic boom for Western communities and will ensure that the nation has the infrastructure that is needed to maximize the economic opportunities that come with international trade.

Connecting American businesses and communities to major domestic and international trade partners is commonsense and the economic benefits associated with these projects will benefit future generations indefinitely.
Please contact Trevor Pearson ( in Rep. Gosar’s office or Robert Yavor at ( in Rep. Hardy’s office if you have any questions or would like to support this bill.
Paul A. Gosar D.D.S. Cresent Hardy
Member of Congress Member of Congress