From: The Honorable Charles W. Dent
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Date: 5/20/2015

Dear Colleague,
Summer is almost here, and that means two things: hot weather and higher electricity bills. This year, many Americans seeking to beat the heat without breaking the bank will consider the purchase of a ceiling fan.
Ceiling fans use a fraction of the electricity that air conditioning units do, and they can help slash energy bills for a home or business. This is obvious to most Americans but not, apparently, to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), which is currently considering onerous and unnecessary new efficiency standards for ceiling fans. The compliance costs associated with this proposed regulation would increase the price per unit, in some cases by nearly double, thereby reducing the purchase and use of ceiling fans by American consumers. The end result, ironically, would be heavier reliance on central air conditioning and thus, increased energy consumption.
To prevent the harm this senseless overreach would inflict, we will be introducing a simple, one-page bill to strip DOE’s authority to impose new efficiency standards for ceiling fans. This is a product which, by its very nature, is already an extremely efficient method of cooling, using between 20 and 100 watts during operation, compared to a central AC unit, which typically uses between 3,500 and 5,000 watts. On top of this inherent advantage, the manufacturers of ceiling fans have already demonstrated a strong commitment to energy efficiency, as evidenced by the dramatic increase in Energy Star certified fans on the market. This innovation has taken place absent the heavy hand of government regulation.
The Department of Energy’s proposed rule is a big government regulatory solution in search of a problem. Please join us as an original cosponsor of legislation to stop this regulation and keep energy saving ceiling fans affordable. To cosponsor or for more information, please contact Dennis Petersen in Congressman Dent’s office at 5-6411 or


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