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Edward Markey

From: The Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure – Minority Staff
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Bill: H.R. 2028
Date: 4/30/2015

Support the DeFazio/Napolitano Amendment to
H.R. 2028, the Energy & Water Appropriations Bill

Dear Colleague:

Please join us in ensuring that expenditures from the United States Army Corps of Engineers’ (Corps) Operation & Maintenance (O&M) account comply with the Water Resources Development Act of 2014 (Public Law 113-121).

The DeFazio/Napolitano amendment to H.R. 2028, the Energy & Water Appropriations bill, would simply ensure that expenditures from the Corps’ O&M account comply with Sections 2101 and 2102 of the Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA) of 2014. These sections established targets for Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund (HMTF) expenditures, and established a formula for the allocation of funds from the O&M account.

More specifically, section 2101 of WRRDA 2014 call for 100 percent utilization of the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund for harbor maintenance and dredging by 2025. Currently only about one-half of the funds collected through the HMTF are used for harbor maintenance. This section of WRRDA puts us on the path toward recapturing that funding and using it to address the Corps’ backlog of projects, rather than as an offset for general government spending.

In addition, section 2102 established specific O&M funding allocations for our nation’s ports that are equitable to both small and large ports, and will help to ensure the needs of those ports are addressed in future funding allocations.

WRRDA 2014 passed the House of Representatives with overwhelming, bipartisan support on May 20, 2014, by a vote of 412-4. By supporting this amendment you are ensuring that the reforms made in WRRDA 2014 are implemented, and that our nation’s ports and harbors receive funding to undertake much-needed infrastructure improvements.

This amendment is supported by the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA).

If you have any questions, please contact the Subcommittee on Water Resources and Environment at (202) 225-0060.

Peter A. DeFazio, M.C. Grace F. Napolitano, M.C.
Ranking Member Ranking Member
Committee on Transportation Subcommittee on Water Resources
and Infrastructure and Environment