From: The Honorable Al Green
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Bill: H.R. 372
Date: 4/14/2015

Co-sponsor H.R. 372- the Veterans, Women, Families with Children, Race, and Persons with Disabilities Housing Fairness Act of 2015

Current co-sponsors (19): Chu, Danny K. Davis, Ellison, Grijalva, Hahn, Hastings, Hinojosa, Honda, Huffman, Barbara Lee, Meeks, Moore, Norton, Payne, Rangel, Rush, Schakowsky, Serrano, Takano
Dear Colleague:
Despite the passage of the Fair Housing Act more than 45 years ago, approximately 4 million instances of housing discrimination occur each and every year. However, the majority of these fair housing violations go unreported. In 2013, according to the National Fair Housing Alliance, only 27,352 housing discrimination complaints were reported to federal, state and local fair housing authorities. As a result, only a handful of these violations were investigated and resulted in charges. Clearly, more work needs to be done to enforce the Fair Housing Act.
The Housing Fairness Act of 2015 would protect hardworking Americans from housing discrimination by:
Requiring HUD to administer a competitive matching grant program for private non-profit organizations to review the incidences, causes and effects of housing discrimination and segregation on veterans and military personnel.
$5 million would be authorized annually through FY 2019 for this program, and the recipient organization would have to provide a non-federal match of 50 percent.
Authorizing $15 million annually over five years for HUD to administer a nationwide testing program to measure patterns of adverse treatment based on disability, color, religion, sex, familial status, race or national origin in rentals, real estate sales and lending practices. HUD would be required to report to Congress the results of the testing program every two years.
Increasing annual funding for the Fair Housing Initiatives Program from the $26 million level authorized in 1994 to the current appropriated level of $42.5 million through FY 2019. This funding would support enforcement, education and outreach by private, non-profit fair housing centers.
Join me in the fight against housing discrimination. To co-sponsor the Housing Fairness Act of 2015, please contact Katherine Suzuki in my office at
Al Green
Member of Congress