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Edward Markey

From: The Honorable Susan A. Davis
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Date: 4/30/2015

Deadline: C.O.B. April 30, 2015

Dear Colleague,
A little-known office in the US Department of Agriculture, the Wildlife Services Program, is responsible for intervening when an animal becomes a threat or serious nuisance to humans. On many occasions, the Wildlife Services personnel ultimately respond by killing the animal.
Tragically, some animals may become so dangerous to humans or the local ecosystem that killing them is the only option. The killing of animals should not be a routine or reflexive government response. It should only be undertaken after careful deliberation and under strict supervision. For that reason, the public and Congress need to have the opportunity for vigorous oversight to ensure that the USDA is acting appropriately and considering all less expensive and more humane alternatives.
Unfortunately, efforts to gather adequate information regarding Wildlife Services operations have been difficult. The USDA has not made data available on where, why, how, and which animals have been killed – making public oversight impossible. The USDA could be acting inappropriately or recklessly – without this data, we just do not know. That is why I am introducing this bill, which would require the USDA to publish clear and accessible information on animal killings.
Please join me to improve public oversight and ensure that the USDA is using tax dollars efficiently and appropriately. Let’s work together to make sure that the United States is treating its wildlife humanely. Please contact Annika Parks on my staff at if you are interested in being an original cosponsor of the Transparency for Lethal Control (TLC) Act or if you have any questions.
Susan A. Davis
Member of Congress