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Edward Markey

From: The Honorable Jose E. Serrano
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Bill: H.R. 738
Date: 3/31/2015

Support Baseball Diplomacy

Current Cosponsors: Rangel, Meeks, Polis, McCollum, McDermott, Cohen, McGovern, Grijalva, Farr, Waters, Lee

Dear Colleague:
As we continue to rethink our fifty years of failed policy towards Cuba, I would urge you to support H.R. 738, the Baseball Diplomacy Act. This bill draws on a shared passion for baseball to bring the people of the United States and Cuba closer together.
Under current law, Cuban baseball players must renounce their citizenship, denounce their government, and abandon their families in order to play professional sports in the United States. The Baseball Diplomacy Act would eliminate these barriers and allow Cuban players to enter the United States on non-immigrant visas for the duration of the season to play baseball and then return to Cuba with their earnings when the season had ended.
Opening the door to Cuban baseball players will help relations between Cuba and the United States at the personal level. The Cuban players would be able to participate in the great melting pot of professional baseball and learn about the United States first hand, while Americans would get to experience the great talent of Cuban players.
The Baseball Diplomacy Act does not change other aspects of our relationship with Cuba or alter other existing laws on immigration. It merely offers Cuban baseball players the same opportunities as athletes from other countries, by allowing them to get visas for the duration of the baseball season and to return home for the off-season.
If you would like more information or would like to cosponsor H.R. 738, please contact Angel Nigaglioni at ext. 5-4361 or via email at
José E. Serrano
Member of Congress