Edward Markey

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Edward Markey

From: The Honorable Steve Daines
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Bill: H.R. 5098
Date: 11/12/2014


Cosponsor H.R. 5098: Ensuring Medicaid and Medicare Access to Providers Act

Supported by: National Association for Home Care & Hospice, National Council on Medicaid Home Care, American Network of Community Options and Resources, and National Council on Independent Living

Dear Colleague,

I urge you to join me in protecting access to critical health care services for disabled, elderly, and low-income individuals by cosponsoring the Ensuring Medicaid and Medicare Access to Providers Act (H.R. 5098). I recently introduced this legislation to provide a 2-year reprieve from Obamacare’s employer mandate for businesses that provide services through Medicare or Medicaid.

As you know, Medicare and Medicaid’s reimbursement rates are considerably below comparable payments in the private market. As such, the employer mandate would force in-home care businesses to cut jobs or employee wages and in turn, hurt the elderly, disabled, and low-income Americans who rely on them for critical services.  The Ensuring Medicaid and Medicare Access to Providers Act protects vulnerable patient’s access to care by exempting their health providers from Obamacare’s employer mandate, and it protects healthcare workers from the hardships caused by this mandate.

Val Halamandaris, President of the National Association for Home Care & Hospice, nicely summarized why the bill is critical: “This important legislation will help preserve access to home care for Medicare and Medicaid recipients while providing significant assistance to state Medicaid programs struggling to pay for home and community-based care on limited budgets.”

I ask that you consider cosponsoring H.R. 5098 to help ensure that vulnerable Americans can continue to receive critical health services in the comfort of their homes and communities.

For more information or to become a cosponsor, please contact my office at(202) 225-3211 or e-mail



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