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Edward Markey

From: The Honorable Steve Cohen
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Date: 11/21/2014

Deadline to sign on is noon on November 25

Dear Colleague,

The ECMC Group recently announced its intention to buy 56 Corinthian College campuses.  As outlined in aBloomberg article, the ECMC Group is a company with no prior experience in operating an academic institution and its own checkered past in student lending.

Corinthian College, a for-profit college company, is liquidating its assets in the wake of years of investigations into the college for alleged financial mismanagement and inflating employment rates of its graduates.  The ECMC Group, one of the largest student loan guaranty agencies in the United States, formed a new nonprofit education entity, Zenith Education Group, to oversee the management of the 56 campuses.

The students at these 56 campuses should be protected from predatory practices. The Department of Education should ensure that these campuses–regardless of ownership–will not continue to put students into debt without providing full-time employment opportunities, while simultaneously siphoning government funding away from other credible institutions of higher education.

Please join me in co-signing a letter to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to request strict scrutiny of turning over these campuses from Corinthian College to the Zenith Education Group.

Please contact Craig Dulniak in my office sign on or if you have any questions.

As always, I remain,

Most sincerely,

Steve Cohen

Member of Congress