From: The Honorable Scott H. Peters
Sent By:
Date: 7/31/2014


Current Cosigners: Garcia, Murphy (FL), McGovern, Van Hollen, Cardenas, Schiff, Duckworth, Kind, Polis

Dear Colleague,

Congress is preparing to recess without taking care of many of the nation’s most pressing needs. The people of the United States hired us to tackle the major issues that impact their lives on a daily basis. Yet, with so much left undone, Congress is preparing to take a five week break. This is not only irresponsible; it is a disservice to the families we represent.

Please join me in urging Speaker Boehner to keep the House from adjourning for August until we address some of the nation’s most pressing needs.

Please contact Daniel Zawitoski at with any questions and to sign on.


Scott H. Peters