From: The Honorable Elizabeth H. Esty
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Bill: H.R. 5085
Date: 7/25/2014

Support the Families of our Fallen Service Members

Cosponsor H.R. 5085, the Support the Families of Fallen Heroes Semipostal Stamp Act

Dear Colleague:

When brave men and women serve our country in uniform, they knowingly put their lives on the line in defense of our nation. Those willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country deserve to know that we’ll support and care for the families they leave behind. That is why we ask you to support H.R. 5085, the Support the Families of Fallen Heroes Semipostal Stamp Act.

The United Service Organizations, Inc. (USO) is there when grieving families arrive at Dover Air Base to witness the return of their fallen loved ones, providing invaluable assistance and care at the most difficult of times. The USO continues this support in coordination with the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS), providing peer-based support groups for grieving loved ones and camps for children to connect with others coping with a similar loss. These programs are a critical resource for families of the fallen in helping comfort and support them as they move forward with their lives.

Our bill, H.R. 5085, would direct the United States Postal Service (USPS) to issue the Families of Fallen Heroes Semipostal Stamp, the proceeds of which would go to the Families of the Fallen Support program which TAPS and USO jointly administer. Let’s show the families of our fallen heroes that our country will be there for them when they need us most.

To cosponsor or request further information, please contact Michael Carlo in my office at or 5-4476.


Elizabeth H. Esty                                                        Col. Paul Cook (Ret.)

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