From: The Honorable Matt Cartwright
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Bill: H.Res. 412
Date: 7/15/2014

Cosponsor H.RES. 412

Cosponsors (39): Barber, Barletta, Barr, Bentivolio, Brooks (IN), Broun, Bustos, Capito, Collins (NY), Conyers, Cramer, Crawford, Enyart, Farenthold, Foster, Griffin, Jones, LaMalfa, Sean Patrick Maloney, Marino, McDermott, Moran, Mullin, Napolitano, Norton, O’Rourke, Scott Peters, Pascrell, Poe, Ros-Lehtinen, Rothfus, Sinema, Stewart, Veasey, Wolf, Tsongas, Honda, Stivers

Supporting Organizations: Military Officers Association of America, AMVETS, The National Association of American Veterans, The Retired Enlisted Association, The Association of the United States Navy, The American Legion, National Military Family Association

Dear Colleague,

The United States Armed Forces suffered 2284 casualties (as of 8 November 2013) as a result of combat operations in Afghanistan.  Every Monday, our service members deployed to Afghanistan stand as the Commander of International Security Assistance Force, Afghanistan reads the names of recent American casualties.  This solemn moment is recognition of their service and sacrifice.

This resolution would amend the House Rules to require a reading of the names of members of the Armed Forces who died in the previous month as a result of combat operations.  This H Res. would pay tribute to their sacrifice and the families of our fallen service members.

Please join us in furthering the commitment of the 113th Congress to recognize the fallen service members of our all-volunteer force.  If you have any questions or wish to cosponsor this legislation, please contact Mae Stevens in Rep. Cartwright’s office at x-55546 or


Matt Cartwright

Member of Congress