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Bill Pascrell

From: The Honorable Bill Pascrell, Jr.
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Bill: H.R. 2961
Date: 6/30/2014

Dear Colleague:

The Christopher Bryski Student Loan Protection Act was named after a New Jersey college student who suffered a traumatic brain injury during his third year at Rutgers and passed away after spending two years in a coma.  Christopher’s family struggled to determine how they were going to pay back his loans and make legal, financial, and medical decisions on his behalf, and wanted to help other families who might face these difficult circumstances.

No family ever expects to lose a child.  However, should the unexpected happen during college, it is a terrible fact today that families not only struggle with the loss of their loved one, but are also burdened as they find out they now have the obligation to pay the student’s outstanding private loans.  In this circumstance, federal loans are forgiven, but private lenders still require families to pay back loans on behalf of their children.  Understandably, the unexpected costs are difficult to absorb, and families are not mentally prepared for these various circumstances.  Please join us in helping these families by cosponsoring H.R. 2961, the Christopher Bryski Student Loan Protection Act, which passed the House unanimously in 2010.

This legislation will require lenders to make clear to cosigners their obligations in case of death, disability, or inability of the student to engage in any substantial gainful activity.  Families should not have to scour fine print in order to understand their role as cosigners.  To cosponsor this legislation, please contact Alyssa Penna with Congressman Bill Pascrell at or Jeff Brabant with Congressman Jon Runyan at


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