From: The Honorable Charles W. Dent
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Bill: H.R. 3885
Date: 3/31/2014

Unemployment extension should be linked to policies that create and save jobs

Current cosponsors: Dent, Meadows, Ribble, Kelly, Harris, Fitzpatrick, McKinley

Dear Colleague,

Nearly three months after the Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program expired, leaving two million of the long term unemployed without any coverage, the Senate continues to work toward temporarily and retroactively extending the program. Unfortunately, the Senate bill falls short of the goal of putting Americans back to work.

The House of Representatives should instead take up H.R.3885, the GROWTH (Generating Real Opportunities for Workers and Transitional Help) Act. This legislation meets the need for continued emergency unemployment compensation for individuals struggling to re-enter the workforce while simultaneously spurring job creation and preserving current jobs and wages.

To achieve this objective, the GROWTH Act provides a one-year extension of EUC Tier 1 (14 weeks) that includes the following bipartisan measures that will promote economic growth:

1.)   approval of the Keystone Pipeline, allowing construction to begin on the project and potentially creating approximately 42,000 direct and indirect jobs;

2.)   repeal of the jobs-killing, innovation-stifling Medical Device Tax, potentially saving 43,000 jobs; and

3.)   restoration of the 40 hour work week – not the 30 hours currently stipulated in the health care law’s formula, protecting workers from having their hours cut or jobs eliminated.

Furthermore, the GROWTH Act offsets costs of the benefits extension by cracking down on fraudulent Child Tax Credit claims and eliminating the ability to claim benefits from both Unemployment Insurance and disability. This is a commonsense proposal that continues to provide assistance to those who have lost their jobs and are looking for work while at the same time addressing the underlying problem of unacceptably high unemployment and slow economic growth.

This commonsense legislation offers a responsible solution to extending the federal unemployment compensation benefits at a reduced number of weeks, while spurring economic growth by implementing policies to facilitate job growth in communities throughout the nation.

We strongly encourage you to support this important legislation to revitalize our economy and provide transitional support to those still struggling to find employment. For more information or to sign on as a cosponsor, please contact Dennis Petersen with Congressman Dent at 5-6411 or



Charles W. Dent                     Mark Meadows