From: The Honorable Collin C. Peterson
Sent By:
Date: 2/4/2014

DEADLINE: COB Thursday, February 6
SUPPORTED BY: National Turkey Federation, National Pork Producers Council, American Farm Bureau Federation, National Chicken Council
CURRENT CO-SIGNERS: Collin C. Peterson, Adrian Smith, Walter B. Jones, Reid Ribble, Tom Latham, Tim Griffin, Steve King, Markwayne Mullin, Scott Rigell, John Shimkus, Tim Walz, Robert E. Latta, Rodney Davis, Sanford Bishop, Bruce Braley, Kevin Cramer, David Loebsack, Jeff Fortenberry, Betty McCollum, Lynn Westmoreland, William L. Enyart, Richard Hudson, Tom Graves, Mike McIntyre, Lee Terry, Mike Quigley, Kristi Noem, Rick Nolan, Austin Scott, Tim Walberg
Dear Colleague:
As the cold weather continues, we are hearing reports of propane supply shortages and price spikes across the country. Given this is a complex situation with a number of contributing factors, we want to express interest in finding solutions to address the current propane crisis which threatens our constituents. We urge you to join our letter to the President asking him to take immediate action to help alleviate this dire situation.
To join the letter, please contact Rebekah Solem with Rep. Peterson at or Ansley Mick with Rep. Smith at

Collin C. Peterson Adrian Smith
Member of Congress Member of Congress

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:
We understand the current propane market supply issue causing shortages in many regions of the country is a complex situation with a number of contributing factors which cannot be ignored. Now, with more than twenty states making disaster declarations, we write to express our sincere interest in seeking solutions to the predicament.
Several factors are contributing to the current price increases and supply shortages, including a large, wet harvest, unseasonably cold weather, and transport disruptions. With extremely cold weather conditions likely to persist, many of our constituents are on the verge of a potentially dangerous situation with few options. Any further reduction in supply threatens to leave many Americans without the fuel necessary to heat homes, businesses, and livestock and poultry operations. Given the importance of this situation to consumers, we urge you to do everything in your power to address this problem without delay.
We ask that you take immediate action to help improve this dire situation and are prepared to help find responsible solutions. Thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to hearing from you regarding options to alleviate the propane fuel supply shortage and assisting in any way possible.