From: The Honorable Patrick Murphy
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Date: 2/28/2014

Dear Colleague,
Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, generating two out of every three new jobs.  American small businesses’ ability to thrive, grow, and innovate drives our country forward.
Recruiting and retaining top talent historically has been a challenge for small business, as it typically is far costlier to offer competitive benefit packages—including health insurance—to fewer employees.
Since 2010, small businesses with fewer than 25 employees have been able to offset some of the cost of offering employees health coverage via the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit.
Under current law, small businesses can take advantage of this tax break for two consecutive years.  By making competitive health benefits more affordable for entrepreneurs, this credit has improved the quality of the small business workforce and reduced the
number of uninsured small business employees.
Helping Entrepreneurs Lower Prices Act would expand eligibility for the tax credit to businesses with up to 50 employees.  This would lower costs for small businesses and
reduce the number of uninsured Americans.
Small Business Attraction and Retention Act would expand a tool that has been helping America’s small businesses grow by allowing them to use this credit for three consecutive
years.  An additional year of certainty for a widely used and effective tax credit would give small business the confidence to continue growing, innovating, and creating jobs.
I urge you to cosponsor these two common sense measures to affirm that when it comes to keeping health care costs under control, America is on the side of small business.  For more information,
please contact Chris Fisher [ X53026] in my office.
Patrick E. Murphy