From: The Honorable John J. Duncan, Jr.
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Date: 2/25/2014

Dear Colleague,
We believe that innovation and technology hold the keys to addressing many of our nation’s most serious water quality, water quantity and water infrastructure challenges.  With this core belief in mind, we formed the bipartisan Congressional Clean Water
Caucus. The purpose of the Clean Water Caucus is to provide a venue for educating Members on the game changing clean water technologies and water management innovations that are being pursued outside the Beltway.
As the Co-Chairs of the Congressional Clean Water Caucus, we encourage you to join the Caucus and our efforts to educate policymakers on the promise new technologies and management innovations hold in providing our nation clean and reliable water into the
future.  Please consider joining the Congressional Clean Water Caucus today.
To join the Congressional Clean Water Caucus, please contact either:
Don Walker (Congressman Duncan)              Eddie Shimkus (Congressman Bishop)
Phone: 225-5435                                        Phone: 225-3826     
Thank you for considering our request to join the Clean Water Caucus and please contact us with your questions, thoughts and ideas on how we can most effectively meet our nation’s clean water challenges.
John J. Duncan, Jr.                                      Tim Bishop
Member of Congress                                   Member of Congress