From: The Honorable Chris Collins
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Bill: H.R. 4081
Date: 2/26/2014

Cosponsor the Kids before Cons Act,
H.R. 4081
Current Cosponsors:
Gibson, Reed
Dear Colleague,
As we debate how to allocate limited federal dollars, we must pay close attention to specific programs we are funding.  I have recently learned that some of the precious taxpayer dollars the government collects are being used to fund college courses for criminals in state and federal prisons.
Grants through the Department of Justice and the Department of Education give states the opportunity to spend significant federal resources on education programs for prisoners including literacy and vocational training.  However, these grants also provide states the flexibility to pay for college courses, ones that cost regular, law-abiding Americans thousands of dollars each.
Considering the average college student in the United States is graduating with almost $30,000 dollars of student debt, it is unconscionable that taxpayers are offering free or substantially subsidized postsecondary courses to prison inmates.
For this reason, I introduced the Kids before Cons Act.  This legislation would not affect literacy and job training programs, but would prevent those federal grants from being used by states to fund college courses for criminals.  Please contact Ted Alexander ( in my office with any questions or to become a cosponsor of this common sense legislation.
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