From: The Honorable Suzanne Bonamici
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Bill: H.R. 954
Date: 1/31/2014


Cosponsor the WISE Investment Act

Dear Colleague:

As Congress looks to build off the President’s positive message in the State of the Union and find innovative ways to grow jobs in this country, I urge you to cosponsor the WISE Investment Act (H.R. 954) to help achieve that goal.

In his speech, the President said:

“So tonight, I’ve asked Vice President Biden to lead an across-the-board reform of America’s training programs to make sure they have one mission: train Americans with the skills employers need, and match them to good jobs that need to be filled right now. That means more on-the-job training, and more apprenticeships that set a young worker on an upward trajectory for life. It means connecting companies to community colleges that can help design training to fill their specific needs.”

The WISE Investment Act does just that, by giving community colleges, workforce investment boards, and other vocational institutions the resources to establish a local business liaison position. That liaison will work with local small businesses to identify the skills gap and develop an action plan to address the gap. Workforce boards and educational institutions can then develop training programs and curricula to reflect the need in the community.

I agree with the President — our rapidly changing economy makes it necessary that our workers can rapidly update their skills to match available jobs. This is more important now than ever before, as our economy recovers from recession and these organizations and institutions endeavor to help millions of individuals, including the long-term unemployed, update their skills and find work. The WISE Investment Act takes a crucial step in that direction, and I urge you to join me as a cosponsor. For more information, or to add your name as a cosponsor, please contact Eric ffitch in my office at, or 5-0855.


Member of Congress