From: The Honorable Kerry L. Bentivolio
Sent By:
Bill: H.Res. 327
Date: 10/4/2013

Stand Up for Human Rights in China, Cosponsor H. Res. 327
Current cosponsors: Chris Smith, Lynn Jenkins, James Sensenbrenner, Randy Weber, James Lankford

Dear Colleague:
As you may be aware, the Government of the People’s Republic of China has announced its candidacy for the United Nations Human Rights Council elections on November 12th, 2013. This is concerning as China has committed gross human rights violations against its own people. There has been much opposition to the candidacy of Iran for the UN Human Rights Council, especially considering what is happening in the Middle East. However, we cannot forget what is going on in China, despite what is happening elsewhere in the world. It would be inexcusable to not oppose China’s candidacy for election to the UNHRC.
China continues to suppress internationally recognized human rights and freedoms, including the freedoms of expression, press, and religion. People are subjected to a judicial system that imprisons dissidents, petitioners, and protestors without trial or legal counsel, and uses vague language in laws that serve to suppress peaceful pro-democracy and human rights advocates. The government continues to persecute ethnic minorities and religious groups, such as Uyghurs, Tibetans, Mongolians, various Christian denominations, and Falun Gong practitioners, as well as human rights lawyers and advocates.
As a member of the UNHRC, we must hold the Chinese government accountable for their actions. We cannot credit them as a dignified member of the UNHRC while we let the gross mistreatment of these groups continue without any objection.
I have introduced H.Res.327, Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives regarding China’s membership in the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). This resolution lays out the ongoing abuses by the People’s Republic of China, citing specific cases and incidences of abuse. As a result of their human rights abuses, the United States government should strongly oppose and vote against the People’s Republic of China regaining United Nations Human Rights Council membership, encourage other members to similarly vote against its election, and encourage a another suitably qualified member to stand for election as alternate candidates from the Asia-Pacific region.
I sincerely hope you will join me in this effort by cosponsoring H.Res.327. If you have any questions or would like to cosponsor this resolution, please contact Cole Ginther in my office at x5-8171.

Kerry Bentivolio