From: The Honorable Scott H. Peters
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Date: 10/21/2013

Dear Colleague,
I invite you to cosponsor this resolution recognizing the third Tuesday of every November as National Entrepreneurs’ Day.
The spirit of entrepreneurship in America is stronger than ever:
Over the last two decades, small business openings have accounted for 40% of new jobs
Venture-backed startups employ 10% of American workers and are responsible for 21% of the GDP – that’s 12 million jobs and $3 trillion in revenue
Despite the economic uncertainty in today’s markets, Americans still firmly believe in the power of entrepreneurship:
56% of adults were confident that they had the abilities to start a business
82% of entrepreneurs in 2012 used their own savings to finance their businesses as budding startups
70% of young Americans envision starting new businesses or pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors as adults
American entrepreneurs have inspired a broad coalition of organizations to collaborate in an exchange of innovative proposals. Nonprofit incubators, angel investors, venture capitalists, crowd-funding initiatives, and other early-stage investors give aspiring entrepreneurs access to capital, thereby catalyzing groundbreaking initiatives. The success and growth of these initiatives prove how entrepreneurship is the backbone of the American economy.
We hope that you will join us in cosponsoring this resolution that pays tribute to America’s original pioneers, and educates, invigorates, and inspires America’s next generation to successfully pursue new ventures. In turn, this bill will bolster America’s position as a global economic leader and innovator.
For more information or to cosponsor this resolution, please contact Kate Lyon in Rep. Scott Peters’ office at or Jessica Talbert in Rep. Michael Grimm’s office at
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